Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode 7: Vampires and Witches and Rippers, Oh, My!

Welcome to The Hollow where the unusual is usual.

Episode 7: 
Vampires and Witches and Rippers, Oh, My!

Nicholas de Charme exited Merlin’s realm just as the church bells in Angel Falls pealed counting out the hour. Nick checked his watch as the last few beats rang out.

“Midnight.” Nicholas ran for the Hollow Creek border. He had to save Sarah. He successfully burst through the barrier just as a troupe of young trouble-makers filled the distance between himself and the unconscious Sarah Osborne.

The hooligans didn’t have time to make a threat when Livvie McDaniels pealed herself out of the group of black leather clad youngsters. She quieted them with a shake of her slender wrist.

“He’s with me,” she said, simply. Seconds later the rest of the group slipped into the shadows and disappeared from view.

“Still trolling the border for escaped lunatics, Olivia?”

She brushed a long auburn hair away from her face and pursed cherry red lips.

“You know how it is,” she said, gruffly. “Gotta keep the world safe from your kind.” A slow smile lit her face.

Nicholas didn’t take offense at Livvie’s comments. He knew what vampires had done to her family. He better than anyone knew how Olivia had suffered at the hands of evil blood suckers. Without his soul to guide him, he could have been like the rest, killing without remorse.

“What brings you on this side of the wall, Nick?”

The question prodded his memory and he raced to Sarah’s side.

“Don’t worry, my love,” he whispered.

Livvie let out a husky laugh. “Falling for the locals now, de Charme?”

Nicholas didn’t answer as he picked up Sarah and raced toward the safety of the hospital.


“You have lost it in the head. There is no way I’m dead. I’d know if I was dead, right? I’d see a bright white light and heard God calling out to me.” David Laskey paused and his astral state shimmered. “Right?”

Maurice twirled around in a circle chasing his tail then said, “Whatever you say, kid.” the cat mewled and turned his small nose up at David. He’d lost any remorse at causing David’s so called death. He justified it by saying to himself that the kid would have died eventually.

“Both of you, SHUT UP! I have to think.” Ella Morris held a hand to her head and tried to control the throbbing that the arguing was causing. “We have to find Jack. We have to find a way to trap him.”
Maurice gulped and hacked as he choked on the name of his enemy. “You mean Jack as in Jack Sprat? Please tell me you’re talking about him. Pleeeease!”

“Sorry, fur ball. When I say Jack, I mean, Jack.”

“But Jack kills only mortals? Preferably prostitutes?”

“Maurice, Jack just kills. He can take any form as a host. He could be anyone.”

David could only stare and wonder what the two of them were talking about. But he had to as the question that was hanging in the air. “And you know this because?”

Ella stared at him, edging closer into his astral comfort zone. “I know this because an hour ago that creepy bastard had this shadowy evil essence packed into my hot bod!”


Lane Larson watched Lincoln Merlin shrug, turn away and busy himself with whatever errands he’d been doing before he and Cora Laskey had arrived. Using the cover of the dark tunnel to mask his movements, Lane snapped his fingers and transported himself wherever Cora had vanished to.

Moments later, Lane found her. She stood on wobbly legs looking utterly frightened. When her eyes landed on Lane they registered her fear.

“What just happened?” her voice trembled.

“A wish spell. You wished you were with your brother.” Lane laid his hand on her shoulder offering support.

“A wish spell?” Cora didn’t sound convinced. She didn’t believe what was happening to her. Lane knew it was his job to make her believe.

“That’s right. Although, first attempts at wayward magic rarely result in taking you where you want to go.”

Cora’s eyes grew wider. “Where’s my father? Where’s David?”

Lane’s voice grew soft. “I don’t have those answers. I’m sorry, Cora.”

Cora didn’t think he knew where her brother might be, but it never hurt to ask.

Finally, Cora realized she wasn’t standing in the underground laboratory. Above her towered a large, gloomy castle straight out of a Dracula movie.

“Where are we?” Cora stepped uneasily backward, away from what her mind deemed as frightening.

Lane didn’t have time to answer her question. A beaten up Mustang screeched to a halt in front of them. Music with a pronounced bass track blasted from crackling speakers, and the engine whined noisily. The men inside looked equally as disheveled as the car.

The passenger side door creaked open and something was thrown out onto the pavement. The men laughed and one yelled in their general direction. “Tell ole Nikky that this is a warning of things to come!”

The door slammed and the dented Mustang sped away leaving a smoking trail of doom in their wake.
Lane approached the large bag.

“What is it?” Cora asked, uneasily. Her heart began to beat faster when the bag took on a human-like form.

“Nothing good, I’m afraid.” Lane freed the material and revealed what was inside. He winced at the brutal force the Blood Pack had used to kill the stranger. The man’s head lagged to the side. Blood oozed out of every orifice.

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