Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Odd bits of text I discovered

"You're trying to tell me you're a what?" Cora stood back as Nicholas  unfurled a set of gigantic wings. As she stepped backward her eyes went wide with confusion. What was he?

"I'm a dragon," Nicholas said, as if saying something inconsequential. "Don't be afraid. They're only wings."

"It's not the wings I'm worried about. It's the possibility of you breathing fire."

"Fear not, Cora. In this realm, I can only transform to this point. Only in the Shadow Realm can I change completely into Dragon."

"It's not possible for people to become dragons," Cora said. "That just doesn't happen in the real world."

"That is true. Humans cannot become Dragon, but Dragons can become human," he said. "I have always been half in this world and half in another. My presence was requested here at the beginning. It is my honor to serve. I am the guardian of the realm between the living and the dead."

"Are there others?" she asked uneasily. "Like you, I mean."

"Yes," Nicolas admitted. "But none stronger than I."

Cora wasn't sure why her family had brought her to this town, but as each minute passed she found another reason to leave.


David was really tired of walking in his sister's shadow. Granted, he'd never done it before, but that was besides the point. The lack of attention stuck in his craw. He liked being in the lime light. He was comfortable there.

The deal with the scary hag from the Temple of Athena had thrown him for a loop. What in the heck was going on in this town?